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FreeBSD 12.0 Release Process


This is the release schedule for FreeBSD12.0. For more information about the release engineering process, please see the Release Engineering section of the web site.

General discussions about the pending release and known issues should be sent to the public freebsd-current mailing list. MFC requests are no longer being accepted for releng/12.0.


During the head freeze, the Release Engineering Team may create ALPHA snapshots to publish for testing purposes. As the frequency and total number of the ALPHA snapshots will depend on the length of time the head branch is frozen, no official schedule is provided.

Announcements regarding the availability of the ALPHA snapshots will be sent to the freebsd-current and freebsd-snapshots mailing lists.

Action Expected Actual Description
Initial release schedule announcement - 24April2018 Release Engineers send announcement email to developers with a rough schedule.
Release schedule reminder 6July2018 11July2018 Release Engineers send reminder announcement e-mail to developers with updated schedule.
Code slush begins 10August2018 10August2018 Release Engineers announce that all further commits to the head branch will not require explicit approval, however new features should be avoided.
Code freeze begins 24August2018 24August2018 Release Engineers announce that all further commits to the head branch will require explicit approval. Certain blanket approvals will be granted for narrow areas of development, documentation improvements, etc.
KBI freeze begins 7September2018 7September2018 Release Engineers announce that all further commits to the head branch will require explicit approval. Additionally, there can be no changes to the KBI until head is branched to stable/12.
stable/12 branch 19October2018 19October2018 Subversion branch created; release engineering continues on this branch.
BETA1 builds begin 19October2018 19October2018 First beta test snapshot.
headthaw 21October2018 20October2018 The code freeze on the head branch is lifted.
BETA2 builds begin 26October2018 26October2018 Second beta test snapshot.
BETA3 builds begin 2November2018 2November2018 Third beta test snapshot.
BETA4 builds begin 9November2018 9November2018 Fourth beta test snapshot.
releng/12.0 branch 16November2018 16November2018 Subversion branch created; future release engineering proceeds on this branch.
RC1 builds begin 16November2018 16November2018 First release candidate.
stable/12thaw 18November2018 17November2018 The code freeze on the stable/12 branch is lifted.
RC2 builds begin 23November2018 23November2018 Second release candidate.
RC3 builds begin 30November2018 30November2018 Third release candidate.
RELEASE builds begin 7December2018 7December2018 12.0-RELEASE builds begin.
RELEASE announcement 11December2018 11December2018 12.0-RELEASE press release.
Turn over to the secteam - 27December2018 releng/12.0 branch is handed over to the FreeBSDSecurity Officer Team in one or two weeks after the announcement.

"*" indicates "as-needed" items.

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